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Metal roof edge compliance testing

After observing the devastating effects of hurricane Hugo in 1989, FM Global began to come up with an important set of building standards that address the way a roof’s edges are constructed and installed. These standards contributed to the evolution of the ANSI/SPRI ES-1 compliance standard, which addresses the structural integrity of the substrate that anchors the edge, wind resistance of the edge detail, and materials specifications. The majority of roofing fabricators and designers in the United States have now confidently adopted these standards because they know that roofs with tested edges provide wind securement at the most vulnerable area of the roof….the perimeter.

Since our founding many years ago, National ES Testing Services, Inc. has become the number one company for ANSI SPRI ES-1 compliance testing services in the United States. Over the years, our team of highly skilled professionals has had the pleasure of working in a wide range of commercial building projects, including industrial plants, shopping centers, malls, high rise buildings, and many more. As a leader in sheet metal perimeter edge testing services, National ES Testing Service, Inc. is dedicated to ensuring that your commercial building is 100% compliant to the 2012 International Building Code Standards. We perform in-depth compliance testing on the following key roof edging elements: wind speed, building occupancy, building height, location on roof, and building location.

If you or your company is looking for affordable perimeter roof edge testing to ANSI/SPRI ES-1 compliance, then you should contact us. In addition to performing ANSI/SPRI ES-1 testing on your shop fabricated products, we have available for purchase a testing machine meant for your own in-house roof edge compliance testing. These machines can be strategically placed in your companies locations throughout the country to ensure company-wide building compliance at all times. We also offer exclusive discounts when testing machines are purchased in bulk.

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